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Rutherglen Primary School Teaching and Learning

At Rutherglen Primary School our collective passion is teaching and learning which is why we continually strive for excellence in all that we do. Our integrated units of learning operate on an alternating 2 year cycle and are built around the Victorian Curriculum which aims to prepare students for a world in which knowledge, is highly valued and constantly changing. To be successful, students need a broad range of knowledge which is strongly emphasised not only in the discipline-based areas, particularly literacy and numeracy, but also on the development of critical and creative thinking and personal and inter-personal skills.

Rutherglen Primary School Teaching and Learning

Through ongoing collection of data from a range of sources, our teachers are able to determine the individual point of learning for each child along their learning pathway and from this develop targeted learning goals.  Knowing exactly where students are at with their learning and what concepts they need to develop, particularly in literacy and numeracy ensures more accurate teaching and greater progression of all students along their learning pathway.

All staff work closely within their Unit based Professional Learning Teams to collaborate on planning, data analysis, and consistency of practice all directed at achieving optimal learning growth for each student.  These teams provide collegiate support to deliver a high quality education program within their team and share a collectively responsibility for all students within that Unit. Our staff are committed to the continual building of their professional knowledge and understandings in order to deliver a challenging and relevant education for all students.

We have teachers dedicated to specialist programs including Physical Education, Visual Arts, STEM and LOTE (Languages Other Than English) with our language focus being the French language.  We also offer an optional music and drama program and an excellent Sports program, with opportunities for students to compete in a range of sports at district level, with the potential to progress to regional and possibly even state levels.


Rutherglen Primary School Teaching and Learning

In every classroom, students have their learning made explicit through learning intentions and success criteria. Providing evidence against these enables students to identify where they sit within the Learning Zone, thus providing valuable feedback to the teacher, in order to continually make adjustments to meet their learning needs.

A variety of learning approaches operate within each classroom and include among other things, whole group, small group and individual work.  Students work with peers who share the same or similar point of learning, as well as students at different points along the learning pathway so that all learners are challenged to extend their learning. All learners at Rutherglen PS are encouraged to inquire, pose questions, investigate solutions, make choices, work collaboratively, as well as independently and most importantly, they are encouraged to take ownership of their own learning as they form a shared partnership with their teachers.

It is imperative that our students learn in an environment where positive attitudes, self-esteem, a sense of achievement and a love of learning are supported and celebrated.

Rutherglen Primary School Teaching and Learning
Rutherglen Primary School Teaching and Learning

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