School Council

The Rutherglen PS School Council
The Rutherglen PS School Council
The Rutherglen PS School Council

The Rutherglen PS School Council plays a valued role in the life of the school
and is one of the many ways you might like to consider being involved with the school.

The council has a legislated responsibility to

  • contribute to the broad direction and vision of the school
  • oversee the management of the school’s cash reserves, including budgeting and some capital works
  • ensure the school’s grounds and buildings are maintained and developed
  • develop, review, update and monitor policies
  • report annually to the community and the DEECD
  • consider the community’s views when making decisions
  • stimulate interest in the school in the wider community

School Council is not involved in the day-to-day operational management of the school.
The role of the school Council does not

  • determine class allocations for teachers or students
  • discuss individual issues between teachers, students and parents
  • represent sectional interests.

The Rutherglen PS School Council has thirteen members – seven elected parent representatives and five DEECD representatives, including the Principal.  All members serve a two-year term.

The 2023 members of the Rutherglen Primary School Council include:

Parent Reps:

Marika Partridge – President
Renee Chandler – Vice President
Sara Pfeiffer – Treasurer
Katrina Colvin
Lisa Prior
Helen Daye
Nicole Balfour
Monikka Spruyt
Courtny Skate


Karryn Williams – Principal
Debby Renshaw
Katie Hurley
Lisa Donaldson

The council meets on the third Tuesday of each month with the finance sub-committee meeting prior to the monthly council meeting and the other sub-committees meeting at least twice per term.

Rutherglen PS has been fortunate to have had many years of highly effective and committed school councils.  Their collaborative and focused approach, along with their integrity and confidentiality has ensured that the key work of the School Council has been both effective and productive.

If being on school council interests you, we suggest you have a chat to one of our current councillors or contact our school Principal, Karryn Williams.  You can also obtain further information by visiting the DEECD website.

Our School Council body consists of the following sub-committees:

  • Finance
  • Buildings, Grounds and Environment
  • Fundraising

If you have a question for School Council, please email requesting it to be forwarded to the School Council. It will be answered as soon as possible.

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