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Rutherglen Primary School - The Arts
All children at Rutherglen Primary are encouraged and supported in a weekly one hour lesson with our art specialist to develop confidence, curiosity, imagination and enjoyment.  They are encouraged to use a variety of skills, techniques and processes involving modes of art making such as, painting, drawing, modelling, collage, construction and multi-media.

The children are introduced to a variety of art elements including line, shape, colour, texture, pattern and form and are encouraged to discuss, share and reflect on both their work and the work of other children and well-known artists. As our students move through each year level they grow in their skills in critical and creative thinking and interpersonal communication and discover ways in which they can personally express themselves through a range of art forms.

Our children’s work is proudly displayed throughout the school and in our community, such as the local show and very often reflects the integrated units of work in the classroom or whole school activities, such as Harmony Day.  Students also work at various times on group projects within the school or community, such as painting the side of the shipping container located in our school grounds with a mural and Indigenous art on bollards which are place at Lake King.

We also have an Art Show that is part of our biannual Spring Fair with every child having a piece of art on display.

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