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Leaders of Rutherglen Primary School
Leaders of Rutherglen Primary School

Providing multiple opportunities for our students to develop their leadership capacity from Foundation through to Year 6 is of high importance to us at Rutherglen Primary School.  We truly believe that every person has the potential to be a leader and our aim is to support students in striving toward fulfilling that potential.

Students right from Foundation onwards are given a number of leadership roles such as classroom monitors and table leaders to leaders of Unit Assemblies and publishing leaders for newsletters, among many other things.

In December of each year all students from Year 3 to Year 6 have the opportunity to make a presentation to their peers as to why they would make a great student leader for various roles such as the Student Leadership Team, Sports House Captains and School Captains.  All students have a say in the election of their peers who they believe will effectively utilise their leadership skills both within the school and the wider community and be role models of our school values in their word and actions.  Elected students form a part of the following year’s leadership group.

Our four School Captains lead the whole school Assembly each week, represent our school at official functions and special days such as, Anzac Day and Remembrance Day and play a key role in connecting our school with the community.

At Rutherglen Primary we operate four sports house teams, the Green Echidnas, Red Kangaroos, Blue Koalas and Yellow Possums.  Two students are elected as House Captains for each House and fulfil the role of presenting the sports report at Assembly each week, assisting the PE Specialist teacher with the organisation and running of Athletics Day, Cross Country and Swimming Fun Day events, as well as leading and supporting special events and days which are run in House groups, such as Clean Up Australia Day, and the Colour Run.

The RPS Student Leadership Team consists of 16 elected representatives from Year 3-6.  These sixteen students work across four focus areas per term with the support and assistance of our teachers.

The four focus areas and some of the things they engage with are detailed below. 

Rutherglen Primary School Leaders

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