Vision, Values & Beliefs

Our Purpose

Staff, students & families working together to create a learning environment that promotes

  • Commitment to support all learners to grow and succeed now and in the future.
  • Resilience to ensure learners strive for excellence – academically, socially and emotionally.
  • Genuine care for all – regardless of difference.
  • Pride in ourselves, our school and our community.

Our Philosophy

  • The students are at the centre of our F-6 approach to learning.
  • Our school community is dedicated to the continuous learning journey of students in a safe and supportive environment.
  • As educators we are committed to excellence in teaching and learning.

Our Mission

Rutherglen Primary School supports, and encourages:

  • All students to articulate their skills and knowledge, reflect on current learning and be actively involved in future learning aspirations.
  • Each student to develop resilience, a preparedness to take risks and motivation to succeed; leading to self-pride.
  • All staff to work together to develop content that is differentiated, engaging, authentic and challenging, while maintaining strong links to the Victorian Curriculum.
  • All teachers will use an explicit teaching model, linking learning intentions to success criteria with students actively involved in their educational pathway.
  • All members of the school community to develop positive links and foster strong relationships between students, staff and families.
  • The safety and protection of all school community members in an environment that actions our school values.
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Our Values

Our school values help us develop pride in who we are and what we do.

Our school provides an educational environment that ensures all students are valued and cared for, engaged effectively in their learning and can experience success.

At the whole school level, Rutherglen Primary School expects and promotes our four school values within our school community: RESPECT, RESPONSIBLITY, INTEGRITY and EMPATHY.

These values are described in more detail in our whole school behaviour matrix below.

our four school values
school behaviour matrix

Rights and Responsibilities for Students, Staff and Families

We believe it is the right of every individual to feel safe in a supportive environment; to have an equal opportunity to learn and to have their individuality, ideas and property respected.

We further believe that it is the responsibility of every individual to care for themselves and others and to respect the rights of all.

Students Rights

  • To be able to learn and feel secure in a safe, supportive environment.
  • To have his/her opinion and property respected.
  • To have appropriate access to school facilities.
  • To have appropriate access to the teacher.
  • To know what is acceptable behaviour and the consequences of unacceptable behaviour.

Students Responsibilities

  • To act in a safe, responsible manner and to be supportive of fellow students.
  • To be considerate of others’ feelings and respect their belongings.
  • To take care of and share school equipment.
  • To respect the rights of others to share the teacher’s time.
  • To be aware of the school rules and accept consequences when necessary

Staff Rights

  • To work in a pleasant, safe environment and to be treated with courtesy by all.
  • To be able to implement appropriate management strategies for children who are interfering with the rights of others.
  • To contact parents/carers when necessary and to expect their support.
  • To be informed of any family situation or home problem that may affect a student’s learning or behaviour.
  • To be involved in a consultative decision – making model within the school.
  • To be seen as an individual able to express a point of view.

Staff Responsibilities

  • To act as role models and provide suitable, interesting activities while maintaining a safe environment.
  • To be consistent and fair in the implementation of these management techniques.
  • To be approachable, to listen and be prepared to consult with parents.
  • To act appropriately and discreetly and make time to act on information.
  • To reflect on school based issues and be prepared to consult, contribute and negotiate.
  • To encourage others to think about, respect and value others’ opinions.

Parents Rights

  • To have information on school processes and curriculum.
  • To be able to participate in school decision-making processes.
  • To expect consistent approaches to behaviour management by teachers throughout the school.
  • To expect that there will be no form of discrimination against parents or children.
  • To receive and offer information regarding their child’s educational progress and behaviour.

Parents Responsibilities

  • To be aware of relevant policies within the school.
  • To make time to be involved and support their child/ren.
  • To reinforce/support school practices at home and advise the school of any concerns.
  • To be aware of the adverse effect of discrimination and to model appropriate behaviours to the child at home.
  • To ask for assistance and/or interviews so the teacher is aware of any home problems that may affect the child’s learning.

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